Friday, December 25, 2009


Jolly Old Saint Nick may have come and gone last night, but if the crowd at 7th and Montana is any indication, he intends to leave us laughing. Everyone, it seems, got a pair of Snazzy Yuletide Pajamas and decided to wear them out in public. Meet the Swiss Family Somnambulists, a group so groggy they rolled into our Favorite Starbucks this morning wearing Bright Red 'Onesies' with built-in Santa Slippers. "Those onesies are very impractical," said Joyce, "especially if they need to use the toilet." "You're right," I replied, "There's no escape hatch in the rear end!" I, for one, hope they all ordered Bran Muffins. Meanwhile, the Pajama Girls -- not to be outdone -- made the scene, as usual, in matching plaid PJs with coordinated Ugg Boots. I wonder what they wear to bed at night, their school uniforms ...?


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Lounge pants I can understand, but jammies, that is beyond me :o)

Paula said...

what is this thing with pj's now days? I just called my daughter and she said they were all still in their pj's and it was six in the afternoon.

garnett109 said...

Cool a Pajamma Party