Wednesday, December 23, 2009


They say "you are what you drive" in L.A. That's why -- if you want a first-hand look at how some of the locals are riding out the recession -- just take to the streets around 7th and Montana. The car pictured above, an Aston Martin V8 Vantage (CA License #6GUZ581) -- would turn heads any day, but look a little closer. The owner has been delivering pizzas for Dominos up and down 7th Street. I'm sure it takes a lot of (pizza) dough to make ends meet when you're saddled with payments on a $132,000 sportscar. Then there's the Mini Cooper pictured below. The owner of this car was so busy cutting corners he accidentally lopped-off the back seat. The result is a car so "stubby" it can pull-in head-first where others need to parallel park. Now that's what I call tightening the seat belt ...!


Paula said...

wow thats one snazzy pizza delivery vehicle. The little red one is cute but there isn't much protection in the back end.

Mike said...

Wow. Pizza delivery in a normal car is rough on it (I did it). With a high performance car it must be destructive with all those starts and stops.

Have a Happy One.