Sunday, December 6, 2009


The stars were out at 7th and Montana this morning and I was right there with my Spycam to capture them. First came Actor Christian Bale, still looking somewhat emaciated from his dramatic weight loss for The Fighter, a film due out next year chronicling the early years of Boxer "Irish" Mickey Ward. I'd have recommended a few Apple Fritters, but something tells me that would do more harm than good.

Next-up was our very own Hanna -- formerly known as Pajama Girl for her tendency to occasionally wear her pajamas to Starbucks. Hanna has been working on the ABC-TV series Castle -- about a famous mystery novelist named Rick Castle who helps the NYPD solve crimes -- and, since Barista John is a big fan, she brought him a copy of the book Heat Wave which is based on the series. Actor Nathan Fillion, who plays Castle on the show, autographed the book as follows: "Hanna can't do without coffee. We can't do without Hanna. In essence, we can't do without you!"

And, last but not least, a Famous International Newswoman made the scene. I'm sworn to secrecy regarding her identity, but trust me when I say millions of Americans have tuned-in regularly to get her view on the news. I'd say more, but a promise is a promise ...!

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Myra said...

Never thought you'd hold out, Marty! Hmmm, leave us in the dark huh?? No apple fritters for you!