Monday, September 6, 2010


I've been in Berlin for meetings at the Internationale Funkausstellung (or IFA, for short) for the past five days. IFA is the world's largest consumer electronics show, and -- because it's open to consumers as well as the industry -- it's even more crowded than the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I've been coming to IFA for 15 years and, in my opinion, this year is the most exciting in terms of new innovations. My company is showing some pretty cool stuff this year and I thought I'd take a few minutes to share it with you.

3D TV is all the buzz this year. We're showing a range of products, including a new 3D TV with a 21:9 Aspect Ratio, which is the same aspect ratio used in movie productions. It's a bit wider than a 'normal' (16:9) TV screen, meaning you see the whole movie as you would in a movie theater, without any black bars. We also have a range of Blu-ray 3D Players so you can watch everything in full high-definition. For now, you need to wear 3D glasses when watching 3D TV but in the future there will be glasses-free 3D TVs, as well. We're also demonstrating a 'glasses-free' 3D TV here at IFA, too. Most of the latest TVs and Blu-ray players also connect to the Internet, meaning you can stream movies and other special content on demand.

Speaking of TVs, we won an award for Europe's Greenest TV, a 42", energy-efficient LED TV made from largely recycled materials. It features a solar-powered remote control (pictured above).

I think one of the coolest things we're launching is a special docking station for iPads, iPhones and iPods. It features high-end speakers and built-in wi-fi meaning, for example, you can walk around the house with your iPad or iPhone and still get high-quality sound from the docking station. The design is pretty sleek, too. The casing is made of wood -- which I understand helps amplify the sound.

We also announced an array of new kitchen appliances. The most interesting, in my opinion, is an Air Fryer which can fry food without oil by using rapidly moving hot air. In other words, it can fry foods just by using their own natural oils ... you don't need to add any additional oil. Anyhow, speaking of fried, it's time for me to turn-in now. Stay tuned for further updates ...!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

First I have that there will be glasses free 3D, cool.

Paula said...

Wow this is all amazing but I just learned to use my convertor box.Oh well it will all benifit my grandchildren and they are smart in learning the new things as so many young people are now days.

Webster said...

Marty, did you taste any air fried potatoes? How were they? If that flies, it will be revolutionary!

Marty said...

Hi Webster,
I did have a taste and they're pretty good. The experts recommend a tiny bit of oil -- a teaspoon or so which is added to a tray on the bottom of the air fryer (not directly on the potatoes) -- just for taste, but it's not necessary. You can also fry other foods like chicken and etc., without oil.