Monday, September 20, 2010


It was Lights, Camera, Action last night as Neighbor Fabrizio invited the crowd from 7th and Montana to a screening of his new documentary, "Samba, Choro e Chorinho neu Casa do Gilson" at the Warszaw Restaurant on Lincoln. The documentary tells the story of a group of musicians who perform at a club called Gilson's in Belem, Brazil. Fabrizio really brought the story to life by delving into the lives of each of the musicians, allowing them to tell in their own words why they love the Samba genre and what motivates them to perform. Congratulations, Fabrizio, on a job well done. In related news, Neighbor Leslie announced that her latest documentary, Industrial Light and Magic: Creating the Impossible will air on Encore on November 14. Industrial Light and Magic is the driving force behind the special effects in blockbuster movies ranging from Avatar to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Leslie's documentary is narrated by Tom Cruise and features interviews with top filmmakers including George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard. Between Fabrizio and Leslie, there's no shortage of talent behind-the-camera. I just wish one of them could have shown me how to get my Spycam to work in the dark ...!


Webster said...

Too bad your spycam doesn't have a flash!

emikk said...

You are creating the impossible every day with your blogg....i mean it!