Tuesday, September 7, 2010


As a rule, Berliners don't like to talk about the Holocaust and, maybe it's my imagination, but one particular topic seems especially tabboo: The location of Hitler's Bunker, the underground complex where Hitler spent his last days and ultimately committed suicide. No one mentions it and they scowl when you ask about it. I knew the location was not too far from the Brandenberg Gate, on the East side of the old Berlin wall, and that the Russians had done their best to destroy it. Today I decided to look up the address -- which turns out to be 4-6 Vosstrasse -- and boy was I in for a surprise. It turns out I walked right by there yesterday and was "creeped out" without even knowing why. You see, they've pretty much left the area "alone." While everything else all around this small stretch of road has been 'gentrified,' the area surrounding Hitler's Bunker still looks like it's trapped behind the Iron Curtain. Trees are untrimmed, buildings are falling apart and the whole block reeks of decay. Yesterday, I crossed the street specifically to avoid the area but today, after finding out what it was, I poked around a bit to see if I could find the actual bunker location. I came close, but an old East German apartment complex -- which stands atop what was once Hitler's Chancellery Building -- blocked my way. I think the bunker location is behind apartment building pictured above. I don't blame the locals for going out of their way to make it hard to find. They're obviously afraid it will become a Neo Nazi shrine. I just wish they'd clean up the street, maybe put in a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise or something. Leaving the whole thing untouched just makes it more noticeable.


Anonymous said...

My son visited Oklahoma's 45th Infantry Museum today with a friend and his father. The boys had the distinct displeasure of gazing upon Hitler's Berlin Bunker bedroom mirror -- taken by the brave men of the 45th.

Beth said...

Wow, that IS creepy.