Friday, September 3, 2010


If you want to see stars in Berlin, Borchardt restaurant on Franzosische Strasse is the place to go. The upscale bistro apparently attracts celebrities from far and wide. I went there with several colleagues last night and we sat watching while the waiters bounced from one celebrity table to another, ignoring us all the way. One man, evidently a well-known German television commentator for something called "Science Media TV," held court while virtually everyone in the restaurant bowed and scraped for him. Movie director-actor Eli Roth also made the scene. But after more than four hours of dismal service, I wouldn't have cared if the Pope himself walked by balancing a plate of Schnitzel on his head. Speaking of celebrities, I ran into a Loony Guitarist on the subway this afternoon. He jumped onto my train and played an off-key version of Volare while his assistant collected donations. After checking with my local colleagues for just the right words, I said "Ich bezahle dich wenn du aufhorst zu spileu" which, roughly translated, means "I'll pay you to stop playing." I threw two Euros into his hat and he disappeared faster than you can say Auf Wiedersehen ...!


emikk said...

And he's wearing some kind of weird ass shoes as well!

Anonymous said...

Look at that woman's face...the one standing in front of him. Hahaha. He must have been awful! -Cin