Sunday, October 9, 2011


Jokes were flying this morning at 7th and Montana as renowned Jazz Performer Curtis Stigers made the scene and brought a few one-liners and puns with him, to boot. My favorite went something like this:

A Panda Bear walks into a bar and says to the Bartender, "I'll have a gin ...... and tonic." The Bartender replies, "Why the pause?" "I was born that way," said the Panda. Get it: Pause, Paws?!? OK, maybe that joke gave you pause. But Curtis' music is second-to-none. You can check it out here:

Later, Architect Greg shared some Architect Humor. Yes, believe it or not, architects can be funny. My favorite of his jokes goes like this: "Two architects ran into a bar. You'd think after the first one ran into it, the second one would have known enough to duck!"

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Paula said...

Yeah I like the Panda bear one best.