Monday, October 17, 2011


"Powerful." "Not to be Missed." "Extraordinary." That's what people are saying about filmmaker Carl Colby's latest work, a documentary entitled "The Man Nobody Knew," and I can tell you, if the buzz is any indication, this film is the hottest thing to hit town since the Jittery Nutcase threw a cup of Hot Chocolate at Architect Greg. The film tells the story of former CIA head William Colby through the lens of his own son. As The Los Angeles Times put it, the elder Colby "wore many guises: intrepid cold warrior, cool technocrat, international man of mystery and, to critics of the deadly covert operations he ran in Vietnam, war criminal." Can you imagine calling someone like that "Pop"?!? Thanks to Howard and Cathy, I had the pleasure of meeting Carl and his wife, Doe, yesterday, but I have to admit, I felt the least bit awkward pointing my Spycam in their direction. After all, hasn't Carl seen enough covert activity in his life? But the real picture to see here isn't just his photo (above, from the Internet), it's his movie. Check listings for a theater near you!


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Thanks for the heads up.

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Sounds extremely interesting...thanks for sharing the information.