Tuesday, December 18, 2007



Ace Photographer Kovar just returned from his Secret Mission to Maui ... and not a moment too soon.  Apparently, the owner of the cafe near where he was staying drove him crazy.  "I would go in there and order a cup of coffee," Kovar explained, "But the owner of the shop had other ideas."  In an effort to avoid coffee spills, the owner would serve Kovar a cup of coffee, but kept moving the cup further and further away from him.  Every time Kovar would pull the cup towards him, the owner would quietly pull it away.  When Kovar finally asked what was going on, the owner looked at him and said, "Aloha ... Your Coffee on My Floor!" -- which, roughly translated, means, "Hey, you mainland slob, drink your coffee and get out ...!"


kattytrick said...

WOoooooo!!!...Wonder why the attitude? Do you think the Cafe owner had a problem with "How-lees" (not sure of this spelling) in general, or did he not like your friend Kovar specificly?...Kittie

gazker said...

And he went back there every morning? My coffee, would have been on his floor!
Gaz ;-)

ab45yui said...

or Kovar could have retorted, "Better on your floor than on your shirt!"

beckiepainton said...

isnt it nice to converse with the locals..Beckie x

princesssaurora said...

LOL... Kind of like what I used to do with the kids!  Glad Kovar is back!  Is that rain I see in the background in Sunny LA?

be well,

tenyearnap said...

That's just too much hassle to go through for a cup of coffee. --Cin