Tuesday, December 4, 2007



A Gaggle of Comedy Writers spent all day picketing in front of Sony Pictures today, marching back and forth in front of the Main Gate with signs reading "No Money, No Funny!"  However, despite appearances to the contrary, it's obvious that the Screenwriters have maintained their sense of humor.  Just last week, a group of more than 65 Horror Writers staged a Mock Exorcism in front of Warner Bros., chanting "Out, Demon, Out" in an effort to rid the studio of what they described as an infestation of evil.  Many insiders fear that the strike could drag on for months as the Writers Guild continues to demand a piece of the pie when their work is redistributed on DVD or the Internet.


gazker said...

As much as I dislike strikers, I do have sympathy for them. They all look so polite though. Here they would have had 200 riot police on horses in front of them as they tried to burn down the studios!
Gaz ;-)

bvaneps834 said...

and they deserve it too!!

tenyearnap said...

I love what the horror writers did out there. I was a kid when protester's did the exorcism at the Pentagon (they tried to levitate it, as I recall--hee hee). Now, go bake the strikers some xmas cookies.--Cin

princesssaurora said...

I really hope the studios come to their senses soon and share the wealth!!!

be well,