Friday, December 28, 2007



Change was in the air this morning at Our Favorite Fixer Upper as a work crew arrived on the scene, intent on beginning a badly-needed renovation.  "You won't recognize this place when we're done," said the Construction Supervisor, "We're doing major repairs and reconstruction.  We'll be done next week!"  The home in question -- at the corner of 7th and Alta -- achieved notoriety several years ago when it was purchased for $1.7 million by a would-be investor, presumably as a "tear down."  However, rather than tearing it down, the new owner simply abandoned the property, leaving it to the elements.  In the space of a few short years, the home subsequently suffered every indignity imaginable:  The Santa Monica Police Department accidentally used it for target practice, leaving a gaping hole in the roof;  An enterprising high school student broke-in, turning the home into his very own "Love Shack;" and a Homeless Man took up residence, burning the floorboards for firewood and transforming the master bedroom into a makeshift toilet.  Today's news that the home is finally being renovated was greeted with skepticism locally.  Said one area resident, "Forget the work crew, what that place needs is a Wrecking Ball ...!"


gazker said...

I think it could be a palace and by the time I get back from Spain, I hope toy see the evidnence (sp?)
I await the tranformation Marty. Cinders shall go to the ball, not the wrecking ball.
Gaz ;-)

Happy New Year

kattytrick said...

We're having alot of the same kinds of problems up here. What with the real estate situation what it is, and there being so many forclosed homes that are empied now. The Bank owns so many of them and does not maintain them it's a problem...a that's a shame!...kit

stupidsheetguy said...

Hmm, maybe this can be a series of entries now? The Before and After :)

tenyearnap said...

I think this house could be really charming. I hope the construction guys live up to their enthusiasm. --Cin

princesssaurora said...

I hope they fix it for real now... it looks like it could be cute!

be well,

beckiepainton said...

How about they fix it and ill move in to look after it, free of charge of course. Beckie x