Saturday, August 9, 2008


Our Favorite Starbucks felt like Mayberry, U.S.A. this morning as the whole neighborhood descended upon 7th and Montana en masse, taking-up every available table and chair.  To make the image complete, Actor-Director Ron Howard -- who got his start playing "Opie" on The Andy Griffith Show -- made the scene with his wife, Cheryl, and their grandson, Theo.  I said "hello" and waited patiently inside for a table to become available.  Then, just as Ron and his family were leaving, an Evil Table Fiend swooped-in out of nowhere and snatched their table out from under my very nose.  Ron is back in town working on Angels & Demons, his sequel to The Da Vinci Code, due out in May.  Perhaps the Evil Table Fiend (pictured above) was auditioning for a role as a Demon ...!   


garnett109 said...

And where was our superhero at?
Super Underwear Man?

amy122389 said...

You should have gone and sat with her.  and then just stared at her til she got uncomfortable enough to leave.  :-P  Hee.....  How come you don't have a Reserved table of your own, Marty?!


emikk said...

You know what I woulda done man,  I woulda taken my underwear offa my bod ( in a New York second) and slapped Evil Fiend silly wid em leaving skid marks all over her!---LOL -eric

gazker said...

She looks like she has a park bench sticking out of her arse. She had her own seat aafter all!
Gaz ;-)