Wednesday, August 13, 2008



It was all Fun and Games this morning at 7th and Montana as word spread that Kathy won $26,000 last night as a contestant on Catch 21, the wildly popular new television gameshow where "players rely on a combination of Trivia Talent and Card Counting Cleverness to Catch a 21."  Kathy -- pictured above doing a Victory Dance between Hosts Alfonso Ribeiro and Mikki Padilla -- was the first woman ever to win the Jackpot.  "Not bad for someone who just learned to play blackjack," she joked.  In related news, Actor-Barista Tyler announced that he's making a special Guest Appearance as a contestant on 12 Corazones, a Spanish-language version of The Dating Game.  Rumor has it that Tyler "didn't exactly win" but, then again, he's the first to admit that he speaks very little Spanish.  You can catch Tyler's Debut on Telemundo this Holiday Season.  Meanwhile, here is a link to Kathy's Victory Video: 


mpnaz58 said... the company of the stars!  How exciting for Kathy...and as for Barista don't have so speak Spanish to be on just gotta look good.  Have you seen some of the women and their "bare" essentials!!
xoxo !Myra

deshelestraci said...

When are we going to see you on the Price is Right?!

emikk said...

I knew the people hanging out at 7th and Montana are a bunch -o-winners.

susansophia said...

Kathy...I knew it!  And you never said a word about the show...but something about the twinkly eyes and unabashed grin said it wasn't a bad night...and it wasn't :)  Congratulations!  Susan

gazker said...

Alfonso Ribeiro and Mikki Padilla?????? They're avin a larf with those names ain't they? His name sounds like he should be a pimp and she sounds like a half baked Trannie LOLOLOL.