Monday, May 31, 2010


Let the Yogurt Wars begin! A Battle Royale is brewing at 7th and Montana between "TCBY" -- which for years has been the only yogurt shop on Montana -- and "Menchies," a trendy, new upstart that just moved-in across the street. For years, locals have complained about TCBY and its "take it or leave it attitude." "They measure each cup like its gold, as if it kills them to give you any extra ... and they're always nasty," said one customer. Then came Menchies, which lets customers serve themselves, including a choice of literally dozens of toppings, for 49-cents an ounce, plus $1 for a freshly-baked waffle cone. Menchies also draws people in with a party-like atmosphere. For weeks, Menchies has been mobbed and TCBY has been empty ... but now TCBY is fighting back. First came a sign on the window promoting "99 cent sugar cones with an Instant Smile." Then came a daily special. And now, just in time for Memorial Day, they've rolled out an all-new "All You Can Eat" special for only $5. I couldn't help noticing this afternoon that it attracted two people (my neighbors, who were letting their kids go back for thirds). Conversely, it was standing room only at Menchies, where you had to wait your turn to serve yourself, plus there was a long line-up at the cash register and every seat was taken, both inside and out. So, which chain will we be mourning next Memorial Day? Something tells me TCBY had better step-up its game or Menchies is going to knock them on their dairy-air ...!


Paula said...

Some good competition will do it everytime. I just buy the drinkable kind at the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

I was at menchies this weekend. It's sooo good. Also, it was only 41 cents an ounce... not 49.