Friday, January 28, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Guru of Whole Foods, a sikh individual who spent this afternoon sitting in front of the Whole Foods market in Beverly Hills chanting up a storm. I first noticed him when I went in for lunch. There he was, sitting Indian-style across from one of his disciples, chanting: "Om ... Om ... Om ... Om." He went om and om as if he were on a continuous loop. He was still at it when I emerged 20-minutes later. And then he suddenly stopped, turned to the woman sitting across from him and said, "There now. You see, I've reached a plane of higher consciousness!" Either that, or he was trying to cast an absentee ballot for Om Emmanuel in the Chicago Mayoral race ...!

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emikk said...

Now, if there were a tuba band doing an "oom - pa - pa" harmonic base rythym at the same time we might have something here!