Monday, January 24, 2011


They say music has charms to sooth the savage beast ... and I guess that might explain the strange behavior of a suspicious newcomer who has been making the scene at 7th and Montana lately. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Music Man. Every morning for the past several days, he's walked into Our Favorite Starbucks and made a beeline for the CDs. He carries a large canvas bag and wears a set of oversized headphones which, strangely enough, don't seem to be connected to anything other than his head. He makes a big show of grabbing CDs from the sales display, then walks away to examine them more closely in the light. When one of the baristas asks if he needs help, he always says, "No, No ... just looking" ... and then he quickly puts the CDs back where he found them and bolts out the door. Some say he's just a CD fanatic ... but I say he's just plain seedy.


Paula said...

Humm I wouldn't trust this one.

Rose said...

I would enjoy just one day with you and people watch!