Monday, January 10, 2011


There's a new patch of greenery at 7th and Montana and I decided to explore it yesterday with Genevieve and Kathy. Greens Up, a new salad restaurant next to Our Favorite Starbucks, is serving-up healthy salads at healthy prices. The concept is simple: You can either order from a pre-set menu or create your own salad with a variety of "mix-ins" including such toppings as carrots, celery, and grape tomatoes. Proteins, fruits and "crunchies" cost extra. A typical salad costs about $10, which seems a bit steep, but you get a lot. They serve the salads in giant metal salad bowls. "Wow," I said, "You could probably get away with ordering one salad for two people." Then I noticed a sign over the counter: "Sharing Fee: $1.00." "What do they do?," I asked, "Follow you around and watch very closely to make sure nobody else eats your salad?" Since I didn't see any Salad Police on duty, I decided to perform that function myself. I sidled-up to the Suspicious Looking Customer pictured above and whipped out my Spycam. As usual, I tried to make it look like I was on the phone. "Hello ... Hello?," I asked into the phone, "Can you hear me now?" But my ruse didn't work. He knew I was up to something. I retreated a few steps away to the counter, where Genevieve was busy ordering her salad. "Hey there," she said loudly, "Did you get a nice photo?" "Shhhhhh!," I muttered, "Ixnay, Ixnay!" But it was too late ... my cover was blown. The "suspect" swivelled around and glared at me. I left shortly thereafter. It's one thing to be Green, it's another to be Black and Blue ...!


Paula said...

Maybe you can get a job being their salad police on your lunch hour.

emikk said...

I know, you could tunnel from Starbucks under the salad bar and fill your bowls underneath for no charge!...unless they find out what you're doing.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

$1 sharing fee seems more than worth it. If you go in waiving $1, do you get to pick who to share with?