Saturday, May 21, 2011


It was a beautiful morning at 7th and Montana. The sun was shining; the birds were singing; and everyone, it seemed, had a spring in their step. In short, it was a perfect day for an Apocalypse. I arrived early and grabbed a good seat in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Jesus or Beelzebub. By noon I would have settled for an image of the Virgin Mary on an Apple Fritter. But all wasn't lost. Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross (pictured above) made the scene, as did TV Uber-Mom Meredith Baxter. And then there was "Chase," a Giant Blue Dog who was busy pounding the pavement for the new Chase Bank across from Our Favorite Starbucks. "What are you looking for, a bailout package?," I asked the dog. A bank employee quickly intervened. "He doesn't talk," explained the banker. I guess all his money does the talking for him. Chase received $25 Billion in bailout money from the American Public two years ago. I guess to them that was Rapture ...!


Beth said...

Yeah, at least a little bit of fireworks would have been nice. I didn't really want fire, but maybe a little brimstone here and there...?

Kattytrick said...

You know the C E O's were feeling it!...The "Rapture" I mean.___=^..^=___Kittie

Anonymous said...

I say give every pompous moralizer a 5 day old apple fritter.~Mary