Sunday, July 10, 2011


Opportunity knocked at 7th and Montana this morning as the Powers-that-Be at Our Favorite Starbucks put up a help wanted sign. The sign shows a smiling barista and invites would be applicants to come on in and learn what it takes to "be a partner." The sign left out what I suspect are a few requirements that won't be in the job description: (1) Must love Fritters; (2) Experience wielding Pooper Scoopers (indoors and out); (3) An affinity for Opera; (4) Quick reflexes (for dodging flying cups of hot chocolate); (5) An affinity with animals of all kinds (including dogs, toucans and lizards); and (6) A minimum of five years of experience working in a psychiatric ward.

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Paula said...

You've got it down pat what it takes to work there.