Monday, July 4, 2011


They say that high on a hill was a Lonely Goatherd but -- if the gentleman who made the scene on 7th Street yesterday is any indication -- I'd say the Goatherd was high on something else. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Yodeling Yokel, an Anonymous Newcomer who made the scene yesterday dressed in a business suit and a bright red Goatherd hat, complete with a yellow feather in it. He stood at the corner of 7th and Georgina all day. He was there in the morning when I walked to Starbucks; He was there in the afternoon when I walked to the beach; He was there at night when I went for an evening stroll. "Howdy," I said. He just stood there motionless like an overgrown Garden Gnome. Something tells me he needs alp ... I mean help!


Paula said...

Maybe he is waiting for the bus. lol

Anonymous said...

Nobody stands around all day on a corner,this guy obviously stands to his own beat. Hopefully, the neighbors will call 911 & find out what his problem is.