Friday, September 26, 2008



Heads were turning at 7th and Montana this morning as Gal-about-Town Sarah made the scene in a Snazzy, New Toyota Camry.  Indeed, her car was a Big Hit in more ways than one:  She backed it into a Pedestrian while trying to maneuver her way into the Parking Lot from Hell.  "Oops," she said, peeking out the driver's side window, "Did I just hit something?"  "It was nothing," I replied, "Just a Pedestrian."  The man she hit -- a Nincompoop in his Mid-Thirties -- was sitting precariously near the "strike zone" behind Our Favorite Starbucks.  When he saw Sarah's car approaching, he simply smiled and leaned forward, allowing the Camry to hit his chair with a Satisfying Crunch.  In the end, no one was hurt but the incident did leave me wondering:  What happened to Sarah's old car and why haven't we seen hide nor hair of the Jittery Nutcase for two months ...?

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preciousone25 said...

Read through your journal, several recent entries... not sure WHY I haven't found you before... but you're on my alerts now.  And you're not far from me, so I'm coming for a visit next time I have a day off from work... your Starbucks sounds alot more interesting than mine.... LOL!!