Tuesday, September 30, 2008



It was History in the Making today at 7th and Montana as word spread that Barista Nada is celebrating her Ten-Year Anniversary with Our Favorite Starbucks.  That's ten years of grinding beans, serving pastries and smiling in the face of adversity.  "It's been ten years," said Nada, beaming, "Can you imagine?!?"  "Congratulations," I replied, though I couldn't help wondering what Starbucks Corporate in Seattle does to reward such Hard Work and Loyalty.  Something tells me the answer is ... "Nada."


gazker said...

Am I surprised they don't do anything? No! We get a badge at our place and from the biggest retailer in the world too.

garnett109 said...

Hey Marty, aol is closing all journals starting Oct. 31 2008!

deshelestraci said...

Ten years at Starbucks?  Wow.  
Let me know where you end up after the aol mess.
I'm at http://emmaandbella.blogspot.com
I'm in the process of copying my journal so wait a few days before visiting!  It's a mess over there!

kattytrick said...

Well, she looks like someone who has enjoyed her work. Add to that the 10 year anniv. !...and I'd say it's a pretty close bet that I'm right. We should all be so lucky...Me?... I want a job like yours Marty!....XXXX&OOOOOO'S.....Kittie

beckiepainton said...

shes crazy, but ive been at my shop now for 5 -6 years, and ill miss it if i ever went, all the abuse and stealing, drunks and druggies, kids and oldies lol beckie x