Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It was all work and no play for a couple of Worker Bees who set up shop at 7th and Montana this morning, intent on treating Starbucks like their own "private" office. First-up was a woman I call "Cathy Crisis." Why? Because she chose to work on her company's "Confidential Crisis
Preparedness Plan" from a seat near the Starbucks bathroom. Perhaps she was
waiting for a Natural Disaster.
Then came "Andy the Accountant," long known for crunching numbers over cappuccino. Today he was hunched over a series of client files and a rather large checkbook. It must be nice, I thought, as I grabbed my coffee and hit the road. But, if you ask me, the only people who can really get away with using Starbucks as their office are Baristas, Screen Writers and Monavie Salespersons, in that order ...!


emikk said...

Are you sure they're not just playing a game of battleship or stratego?...I'm just being the devils advocate, you were there and you should know Marty.

yours in contrary opinions,


Beth said...

It looks like she's playing Risk! Perhaps she's plotting her plan for World Domination...keep an eye on the woman if she shows up again...!

I just got caught up on all the activities of the past few days at 7th and Montana. Never a dull moment!

Hugs, Beth

Marty said...

Hi All -- Looking at the comments thus far, I should probably add some clarification: The reason it looks like she is playing a board game is because I edited the photo, adding little green dots to obscure details of her document!

emikk said...

so, you're adding little green dots?
could that mean you're covering up for them?...possibly in collusion with underworld types?

Traci said...

I don't even like to check my sad, little email account while I'm out. Can't imagine doing real business at Starbucks!

garnett109 said...

Maybe she is seated by the bathroom because her work gives her the Drizzling Shits ?

Saltydawg said...

And there was me thinking she was playing Monopoly, and won all the house?