Monday, December 22, 2008


Tongues were wagging at 7th and Montana this morning as a Mysterious Loner -- a man in his early 60's with shocking blond/white hair and a crazy glint in his eyes -- proved that he didn't have enough sense to come in from the rain. Not only was he sitting outside in the middle of a rain shower, but he was typing-up a storm on his laptop, to boot. "Look at that imbecile," I said to no one in particular, "He's just asking to be electrocuted." In the end, however, I'm the one who got a shock. The Loner stepped inside to get a refill and I couldn't help noticing that it was Rutger Hauer.


garnett109 said...

Coming now to a Star Bucks Near you Rutger Hauer playing Rain Man and Co Starring is Marty The Doctor Of Shock Therapy.
After Playing in the rain they go to a vegas starbucks to count apple fritters!

Beth said...

I was going to guess Gary Busey.

Is that REALLY Rutger Hauer? It sure looks like him. What the heck was he thinking?

Hugs, Beth

Kattytrick said...

Wow! Talk about hitting the jack pot!... He must have had a "Brain Storm" of his

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

He has been through the ringer enough times, that maybe he did not notice the currents running through his fingertips :o)

Myra said...

Takes all kinds to make the world go round at 7th & Montana!

Saltydawg said...

And there was me thinking the stars only come out at night!
Gaz ;-)