Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Eureka! I finally discovered the local equivalent of Starbucks here at the Seagaia Resort complex where I'm staying in Miyazaki. It's called the Ninigi Bakery & Cafe and -- while it's not exactly 7th and Montana -- the food doesn't make nasty faces at you or wiggle away when you jab it with a fork. Best of all, the coffee is fresh. Each cup is individually brewed using beans that are ground right in front of you. The "Baristas" don't speak a word of English but ordering is easy: You just point at a picture of what you want and grunt. For example, I ordered a Grande Drip yesterday by simply holding up a picture of a High-Octane Scowling Face. The pastries range from traditional Japanese buns made from rice powder, melons and other local ingredients to standard, international fare like cookies, muffins and scones. The only thing that gave me the creeps was a box of Angry Prunes.


garnett109 said...

Hey this ain't funny !
Where is the face of the happy apple fritters?

Beth said...

Whew, that's sounds much more palatable.

I've gone a round or two with some angry prunes myself, and you really don't want to mess with those guys! ;)


Lynne said...

I don't even like raisens, so I can't imagine facing off to an angry prune!

barb said...

glad you were able to get your coffee---you might be able to live on that and forgo the fish guts--ish!! have a good time there, but hurry home! barb

emikk said...

Dick Tracy used to battle prune face. This seems to be maybe the modern, asian, equivalent?

Saltydawg said...

Angry prunes huh? I wonder what happens after you've eaten them? Don't tell me, I can guess ;-)