Friday, April 16, 2010


Don't mess with the Parking Gods at 7th and Montana. An Anonymous Newcomer (pictured above) learned that lesson the hard way yesterday when she parked her car in the parking lot across from Our Favorite Starbucks, behind the building formerly occupied by Blockbuster Video. An Unsightly Parking God -- evidently hired to guard the premises -- appeared out of nowhere and chased her across the street. "What are you doing parking behind my building?," he asked, "That parking lot is reserved." The woman just smiled and shrugged him off. "It's fine, I'm a customer over there," she said. The Parking God paused for a moment -- no doubt baffled that there could be a customer left in his mostly vacant building -- and disappeared in a cloud of confusion. I'd say this woman got off pretty easily. Had she been looking for a spot in the garage at my office, she'd have a real fight on her hands. A Pair of Pugilists -- complete with boxing gloves -- made the scene there this morning, intent on fighting each other for a space.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Unfortunately, that technique does not work with parking tickets under the wiper blades.

emikk said...

I get tired of these yahoos that think they are God, it just makes me want to say who is the real God, God or Gawd? i making any biblical sense at all? 'bout parking lot sense?...pleae advise.