Sunday, August 22, 2010


It was the Dog Days of Summer last week at Palisades Park as an Anonymous Dolt insisted on letting his Standard Poodle take a not-so-standard drink from the public water fountain. "What do we have here?," I asked, "Your dog sure is thirsty!" "Yes," he laughed, "He's just taking a little drink." "Well, it's the best photo opportunity I've seen all day," I said, "Let me get a picture so I can e-mail it to my friend." The Dolt smiled and held his dog in position while I took a photo. Little did he know, my "friend" was the City of Santa Monica Sanitation Department. While we were talking, I used the "GoRequest" application on my iPhone to send the City a photo and alert them to this public health issue. Meanwhile, as for the cleanliness of our water fountains, the whole thing was enough to give me Paws ...!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Dog days for sure, gives new credence to the Dogs Drool, Cats Rule saying.

Paula said...

Thank goodness for bottled water and the businesses who sell it. I stay as far away as I can from public drinking fountains and public restrooms. Don't mind peeing behind a cactus plant though.