Monday, January 28, 2008



Head for the Hills, Folks!  An Over-Indulgent Mother is on the loose at 7th and Montana and she's turned her Brood of Sneezing Brats loose on Our Favorite Starbucks.  The fun began early this morning, when a trio of youngsters walked through the door, all clad in bright pink and blue bathrobes and fuzzy slippers.  "Are you playing dress-up at school today?," asked an Innocent Bystander.  "No," answered the Mom, "They're all sick ... they're not going to school today!"  As if on cue, a little girl sneezed into a Kleenex, turned to her mother and cried, "I don't feel good, Mommy!"  Far be it from me to criticize, but since when did Cappuccino replace Chicken Soup in the Pantheon of Acceptable Comfort Foods?  And on what planet is it considered proper to turn your neighborhood Starbucks into a Veritable Petri Dish?  Granted, the cozy, down home atmosphere at 7th and Montana can be infectious, but this is ridiculous ...!


susansophia said...

Tee hee...count me among the phlegm-phobic.  I, too, thought the kids were having some kind of special treat, like, "Let's run around in our pjs all day!"  But when I asked them what the occasion was, they said, "We're all sick!"  Marty, I could have sworn there were 4 kids instead of 3, but either way, the close, warm, germ-nurturing quarters of Le 'Bucks is no place to bring the Spewing Phlem-bots.  Let's not leave out Mommy-Red-Pumps, who, decked out in tight jeans and cfm shoes, brought the Family Mucus with her.  (grinz ;)~

deshelestraci said...

She gets Mother of the Year.  Mine are getting colds and that means we aren't going anywhere!  No where.  And no one is coming over.  And we aren't going to Starbucks.

gazker said...

Yewwwwww, that is vile, fancy bringing sick kids with ya, and in their Jammys too how gauche! I thought people only went out in their pyjamas in Liverpool ;-) (Brit joke)

I hope barrista Rob disinfected the place after they went?

bvaneps834 said...

THAT IS TERRIBLE!!When my kids were sick they were home in bed with lots of juice, water, soup and jello---I read to them, put vicks on their chests and got them well! Starbucks is no place for sick anybody---wonder how many of you will catch it?

beckiepainton said...

i had the pleasure of somebody sneezing all over me last night at work and wake today with a bunged up nose, charming. Beckie x

mpnaz58 said...

What kind of mom would take her sick kids, in pj's, to a public place, spreading the "love"??  Over indulgent...just cuz they wanted a needs to have her head examined!
xoxo ~Myra