Tuesday, January 22, 2008



It felt like Capital Punishment in the Nation's Capital this morning as temperatures dipped below freezing.  "This is our first taste of Winter this year," said one of my local colleagues, "Until now, the weather has been terrific."  "Great," I replied, "Call me when the Cherry Trees are blooming!"  Anyhow, as long as I'm "suffering" -- holed-up in my hotel room -- it seems only fitting that I would attempt to address the request of a ten-year-old girl named "Pumpkin" whose mother, Dawn, often reads and comments on my blog.  Pumpkin created a meme -- a list of personal questions -- and posted it on her mother's blog for everyone to answer online ("especially all the men bloggers that never do it").  I'm not a "memer" -- so this will probably be the only time I ever answer a "meme" request -- but here goes:

1.  What is your name?  Marty

2.  How old are you?  43

3.  Where are you from?  Originally, Boston, but now I live in Santa Monica.

4.  Do you smoke?  No.

5.  Do you drink?  Only occasionally, when "necessary"

6.  Do you have a family?  If yes, please explain.  Yes:  My parents live in Florida during the Winter/Massachusetts during the Summer and my sister, brother-in-law and nephew live in Massachusetts.

7.  What are your hobbies?  Reading, Writing, Going to the Movies.

8.  What is your favorite ice cream?  Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup.

9.  What is your favorite animal?  Dogs and maybe the occasional Australian Bearded Dragon.

10.  Do you wear glasses?  Yes.

11.  What nationality are your ancestors from?  Russia, I think.

12.  What color is your hair?  Brown.

13.  What are you wearing now?  A blazer, sweater and jeans.

14.  What is your favorite color?  Blue but I usually wear brown because it hides coffee stains better.

15.  What teacher do you remember most from your childhood?  Mrs. Ryan who taught English in high school.  She was great!

16.  What are your pets and their names?  I don't have any pets, but the top pets at 7th and Montana include:  Zoey (a Tibetan Terrier), Charlie (a Polish Lowland Sheepdog), Noah (a Retriever), Toby (a Cocker Spaniel) and Sophia (an Australian Bearded Dragon).

17.  What is your favorite food?  Grape Tomatoes.

18.  What is your job?  I work in Hollywood for a big consumer electronics company.


bvaneps834 said...

well, I am glad to see all those facts too! I did have some of it figured out from your journal---they used to say I was a detective at work--and could tell about some of the patients who came to the ER for things other than treatment!! You are soooo young---younger than my youngest kid! I had that figured out too---and a few other things. When do you finally get back to the LA area? You sure are a travelin' man!! Fun to see so many places!! Take Care, Barb

gazker said...

Well, it looks like we 'men' ain't doing too bad filling out this meme, I think Mummy Dawn needs to make a BIGGGGG apology to us all ;-)

ab45yui said...

It is a shame you had to come to DC with such cold weather as a welcome mat!  I love walking thru DC in the Spring and Fall.  The museums, the people, the history and art, science and technology, etc.  So much to see!  I can only do it in doses (especially the art museum) because my head swims after awhile, lol.  Some of the hotels in DC are not such a bad place to be holed up, if it is a must.  Hope your on your way to warmer temps!  But not too warm! ;-)

beckiepainton said...

wow you sound glamourous, men in england would have a beer belly and holes in their string vests! Beckie x

deshelestraci said...

I almost saved your journal alert for later when I saw that you were doing a meme!  I love memes!!!  
On the lines of Peanut butter and ice cream, the one I like has a chocolate base with peanut butter swirled throughout.  MMMMM.
I miss MA.  I haven't been back in 16 years.  

specialadyfink said...

Hmm-grape tomatoes-very good-never thought of as my fav though...no steak??!

princesssaurora said...


Thank you for doing my meme!!!  I love Ben and Jerry's but hate peanut butter!! Grape tomatoes are my favorite snacks after school!  I love them!!!  Thanks again, you have an interesting job!!!

Pumpkin and Mom