Friday, March 14, 2008



A Narcissistic Nincompoop had something to crow about today at The Crow's Nest Restaurant in Venice, Florida ... and my family had a Ringside Seat.  The fun began when the Nincompoop-in-Question, a teenager, sat down with the Restaurant Manager at the table next to ours for what was obviously a job interview.  "Tell me," said the Manager, a woman in her early forties, "What is your greatest weakness?"  "Well," began the Nincompoop, "Obviously, it's my extreme good looks."  The Manager laughed it off -- and gave him a job -- but I can't help thinking she'll have a problem on her hands.  After she left, the Nincompoop confided in us:  "They hired me as a Server's Assistant," he said, "But with a face like this, I'll move up quickly!"  My family was astonished.  "Who is he kidding?," said my Brother-in-Law, Doug, "His head is so flat it looks like a Shoe Box!"  No doubt the shape and size of his head will come in handy when he gets the boot ...! 


bvaneps834 said...

How funny! Sounds like you are having a good time down there in Florida. I am having a problem here---today I got an email from myself---and it was like a catalog ad for various sex meds--- I have changed my password and hope that will stop whatever---and that who ever has done this don't send to my address book!! What next!!

princesssaurora said...

Scary... the delusions people walk around with!  LOL

be well,

gazker said...

If his profile is anything to go by, forget it buster!
Gaz ;-)

deshelestraci said...

You do run into the most interesting delusional people!

beckiepainton said...

sounds like a right tit.Or a left...Beckie x

gdireneoe said...

My now, wasn't someone just too full of themselves?  Poor thing...oh well, everyone gets slapped eventually. ;)  C.