Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It was Pennies from Heaven this morning as Barista Amanda seemed surprised at the exact change I handed her for my Grande Half Caff and the Los Angeles Times. The fact that I'd pay using exact change didn't phase her, but she seemed strangely mesmerized by one of my pennies. She looked at it for several minutes before finally handing it back to me. "What's this?!?," she asked. "I thought it was a penny," I said, "Was I wrong?" "Well, I don't know," she said, "It sure doesn't look like any penny I've seen!" In the end, she put it in the cash register, anyway. We both decided it was close enough. Later, I looked it up on the Internet and found out what it was: A brand, new One-Cent Redesign featuring the log cabin where Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky.


Lynne said...

Don't try using the Susan B. Anthony one-dollar coins, that really shakes them up. Believe, me I know, lol.

garnett109 said...

Are you passing phoney money again?

Beth said...

Hey, yeah, I heard the penny was getting a new look!

We've got Kennedy half dollars from blackjacks in Vegas that we're trying to use up. We've got Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea dollars. We've got those new gold president quarters...these all seem like good ideas at the time, a way to get away from paper currency. Why do they never catch on?

Hugs, Beth

Myra said...

I didn't think anyone paid in cash much less exact change...pennies no less!