Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Ever feel like you needed a little hair of the dog that bit you? If so, then the Shilin Night Market in Taipei is for you. Established in 1909 on the banks of the Keelung River by a group of enterprising street vendors, Shilin is today the largest and most well-known marketplace in Taiwan. Their motto is: "If it moves, we serve it up for dinner." I went there last night with a group of colleagues, intent on grabbing some Chicken Ass on a Stick and, let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed. "I promised you Chicken Ass," said my colleague, Judy, "And Chicken Ass is what you get!"
Chicken Ass on a Stick (pictured above) is a local delicacy here in Taipei. People can't seem to get enough of it and it's easy to see why. Succulent bits of marinated chicken anus are roasted to perfection over an open flame, seasoned with "special spices," and skewered right in front of you. It's like having your very own, made-to-order Ass Kabob. What could be better? Just you wait!

Feast your eyes on the Specialty of the House, Barbecued Duck Feet (pictured above). These tangy, tendonous tidbits are so fresh they practically waddle right up to you and say "get me the hell out of here." But better hurry, folks, before Rigor Mortis sets in.
Those duck feet are tempting, but if you're like me, you prefer more meat and less bone. Take a look at these juicy, Boneless Chicken Feet (pictured above). Grab a scoop and fill a cup, folks, there's plenty to go around. Colonel Sanders never had it so good.
But enough with the feet. Nothing says "fowl" quite like a Disembodied Duck Head on a plate (pictured above). Grill it, add it to your favorite stir fry, use it as a garnish ... the sky's the limit! Why, if you listen closely, you can practically hear it saying, "You're Despicable!"
Step right up folks and lend me your ear. They tell me that Raw Pig Ears (pictured above) are an acquired taste ... but I wouldn't know. They're best served boiled, but as far as I'm concerned, they could make it into a silk purse, fill it with gold and I still wouldn't be interested.
And finally, we're ready for our main course: Intestines al Dente (pictured above). Where else, my friends, could you find juicy, raw intestines carefully wrapped and coiled by expert artisans who aim to please. Some establishments might charge you an arm and a leg for morsels like these, but at Shilin Market you pay for your intestines by the foot.
I hope you saved room for dessert, because I'm about to make you an offer you can't refuse: Pig Blood Popsicles (pictured above). It's true, the culinary geniuses here in Taipei have found a way to take congealed pig blood and mold it into the form of a popsicle. What will they think of next?!? The mind -- and the stomach -- reels. That ends my tour for today, folks. Come back tomorrow for a special, inside look at the Taiwanese Healthcare System ...!


Saltydawg said...

For once I'll say I pass and go for the McDonalds and it takes a lot for me to eat that crap!
Gaz ;-)

garnett109 said...

They sure don't waste much over there do they!
I here that deep fried rat is also yummy!

emikk said...

I wouldn't be suprised to see a new soap opera based on this "food" entitled: as the stomach turns.

emikk said...

...or: the wretching gourmet.

Mike said...

The big question is what did you eat?

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love the Daffy Duck reference.

So, you did not tell us which ones you actually sampled.

Beth said...

I agree with Ken--I could hear Daffy in my head!

Gaahhhh. I was looking forward to some Taipei pictures, but these? Not so much. I love trying new things, but I draw the line at Ass Kabobs! Fascinating post, and thanks for sharing. But it was pretty disgusting! Hugs, Beth

Anonymous said...

I think I will reread this tomorrow when I am hungry & want to curb my appetite. ~Mary

Indigo said...

I was about ready to fix lunch...I think I'll pass now. People actually eat this stuff? Ugh...(Hugs)Indigo

Joann said...

I think I'm gonna be sick!!!