Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ladies and Gentlemen, meet "No No Nanette," a delightful young toddler with a one word vocabulary: "No." She made the scene at 7th and Montana this morning with her mother and brother, and from the moment she walked in the door to the moment she left, it was a rousing chorus of "No! ... No! ... No! ... No! ..." Nanette and her brother sat at a table waiting while their mother ordered coffee and juice. "No ... No ... No ... No ... No ... No ... No!," shrieked Nanette, for No apparent reason. Her brother tried to calm her down. "No!," said Nanette, imperiously. I couldn't resist introducing myself. "Why hello there, young lady," I said, smiling, "Are you a Republican?" "No!," she shrieked. "That's funny, you sound like one," I replied. Some might say Poor Nanette is going through a phase. I sure hope so. Otherwise, I'm afraid we have a budding young No-it-All on our hands ...!


Paula said...

Sounds like the terrible twos or more.

emikk said...

Maybe she being reconditioned from being a people pleaser into a well adjusted young lady who can be assertive and say no. How can someone deal with the likes of you, Marty, without the power of NO!