Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It was out with the old year and in with the new at 7th and Montana this morning as Genevieve made the scene with an official 2011 Crop Circle Calendar, which she got as a gift from Kathy. Kathy made the calendar herself by artfully combining various photos of crop circles and sending them to Apple to be printed and bound. The result was inspiring. "That looks great," I said, "I think I'll make something similar using photos I've taken here at 7th and Montana ... only we'll call it the Official 2011 Crap Circle Calendar." As I spoke, an idea began to take shape. The Crap Circle Calendar could feature a different load of crap each month, each carefully selected from the array of souvenirs Barista Kevin has cleaned off the floor of the rest room at Our Favorite Starbucks. "And why stop there?," I continued, "This thing has movie rights written all over it!" I, for one, smell a sequel to the 1957 classic which won Joanne Woodward an Oscar for Best Actress. We'll call it "The Three Feces of Eve."


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Oh, I think you should go for something more positive, the "Loons" or "Starbucks Specials'. Nothing "crappy" :o)

emikk said...

Hopefully, they are not shit out of luck!