Monday, December 13, 2010


It was the advent of an adventurous, new Rigolatte this morning at 7th and Montana as the local loon -- known for locking himself in the men's room and belting out opera tunes for hours on end -- tried something new: Handing out Advent Calendars. It was a particularly bold move for the man who has been repeatedly kicked out of Our Favorite Starbucks for handing out religious literature. He started out carefully enough, walking through the door with all the stealth of a crack FBI agent, but all bets were off when he started cracking up. "Here," he giggled, "Take one ... it's for you ... it just might save your soul!" Within seconds, the manager was at his side, escorting him out the door. As the door shut behind him, the tenacious tenor summoned up all his strength and bellowed, "Was it something I said ...?!?"

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emikk said...

Advent?...don't we need to go through lent first?