Saturday, December 25, 2010


You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen ... but I'll bet you don't know the latest addition to Santa's Band of Yuletide Hoofers: Brazen. Yes, it's true, the Notorious Neighborhood Newspaper Thief made the scene at 7th and Montana this morning and he's more Brazen than ever. The Thief -- known for stealing copies of The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times when he thinks no one is looking -- snuck up to Our Favorite Starbucks, double-checked to make sure the coast was clear, then swooped-in for the kill. Normally -- for some inexplicable reason -- the very site of me and my Spycam sends him peddling away at warp speed on his getaway bike, but today he didn't see me. He marched right into Starbucks and grabbed both newspapers without so much as a "Feliz Navidad." I sidled up to his getaway bike outside and waited for him to return. When he did, I pointed my Spycam right in his face and said, "Howdy, nice day to steal the newspaper, eh?" He recoiled, as usual, then jumped on his bike and peddled like crazy -- doing a strange loop-de-loop in the middle of 7th Street -- before regaining his composure and zipping off into the horizon. Yes, he's Brazen, alright. Then, again, I guess it takes one to know one ...!


Paula said...

"it takes one to know one" lol.

emikk said...

I think I saw a picture of him at the Brazonian institute.