Saturday, June 20, 2009


"Calling All Cars, Calling All Cars ... there's a DUI -- a Dazed Undercaffeinated Individual -- on the loose at 7th and Montana and witnesses report that he's Nuttier than a Fruitcake." That message must have been burning up the airwaves this morning as local law enforcement officials responded to reports of an "erratic driver" at Our Favorite Starbucks. The driver (pictured above) careened up 7th Street in his Shiny, New Lexus GS 400 (California License #4ZYD967), slammed twice into the curb in front of Starbucks and finally crashed into the back of a Silver Mercedes (California License #5AXV953) near Goose Egg Park.

"Good Lord," said one witness, a tourist from Houston, "Does this sort of thing happen a lot around here?" "Welcome to 7th and Montana," I replied, grabbing my Spycam and heading to the scene of the accident.

By the time I arrived, a small crowd had gathered and someone had already called the Police. The driver didn't seem to be hurt. "Looks like it's a bit smashed," I said of the Lexus. "I'm fine," slurred the Driver, "Just a little tired." To prove his point, he got out of his car and reclined by the side of the road. "Are you sure you're OK?," I asked. "My back hurts a little but I'm O.K.," said the Driver. He tried to get up -- and leave -- but someone had wisely taken away his car keys. Of course, he did leave eventually ... in an ambulance and under police escort.


garnett109 said...

Maybe starbucks should put in a drive-thru window?

Joann said...

Hmmm, that driver's face looks vaguely familiar... I think I dated him once!!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I seem to remember a movie of some sort with a hospital gourney rolling down some big hills :o)

Rose said...

Hmmmmmmmmm. Looks like I guy I dated too!

Your Starbucks certainly gets a lot of action.

Hugs, Rose

Myra said...

Maybe he wanted a half caffe to go! Always exciting in your part of the world :)

Beth said...

At least he managed not to hurt anyone!