Saturday, June 23, 2007



Quick, call out a search party!  Genevieve's mysterious "acquaintance" -- a former blind date who insists he was once abducted by aliens from a distant galaxy -- is missing.  While the Local Eccentric is known to hang out at Marmalade Cafe, right across from Our Favorite Starbucks, a brief site inspection this morning revealed that he was nowhere to be found.  Inside sources speculate that he was either out golfing or circling Uranus!   


cindjinn said...

You've got quite the crew over there at 7th and Montana. Sounds like a fun place to hang out. --Cin

beckiepainton said...

Oh that must be the guy I found sat in my sink this morning with a colinder on his head, ill pack him off on the next plane back, hes naked but ok!!Beckie

acoward15 said...

He's  probably coming to terms with his latest probing. Taking any seat might not be a very desirable prospect at this point in time.