Wednesday, June 20, 2007



What could our friendly, neighborhood King of the Road -- known for parking his Gargantuan Tioga Trailer in front of other people's houses for days on end -- possibly do to achieve further notoriety at 7th and Montana?  He could turn the trailer into an unsightly promotional vehicle, that's what!  In recent days, the King has begun draping the trailer with advertising in an effort to promote his various creative endeavors which range from acting appearances in such movies as Ocean's Thirteen and Jerry McGuire to a surprising number of appearances on the Reality TV show Blind Date.  In addition, he's written a book chronicling one man's search for love aboard twelve cruise ships and has appeared numerous times on The Tonight Show, most recently pitching his concept for a new TV series involving Celebrities in Space.  With all these creative irons in the fire, no wonder he's too busy to move his trailer!  


frankandmary said...

I don't want any reading material parked in front of my house unless I believe the info necessary to fulfill my daily responsibilities. I get a dented van with ladders & a big rag tied on. I'm still trying to figure a way for us to amicably part. ~ Mary

tenyearnap said...

Looks like he'll be in Alaska for a week in July. maybe he will take the trailer with him? --Cin

beckiepainton said...

my nan used to get a man leave his van outside her house, he worked at a sanitary company, you know, the sort who empty 'ladies bins' anyway one day he parked it up so she legged it out the front door and yelled
'OI!get your TAMPAN VAN away from my house!"since that day we always call him the tampan man.My poor nan, she meant Tampax!!Lol!!Beckie.xx

acoward15 said...

Celebrities in Space has a lot of potential. The public could vote who they want to see blasted off into the great unknown.

cmarlow330 said...

GOD California has some weird Car Tags HAHAHAH


lol looks like a friggen Algebra Problem LOL!


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