Saturday, June 2, 2007



The builders of the Monstrosity under construction at 7th and San Vicente stepped into the stratosphere of bad taste this morning with the addition of a lopsided stairway leading to nowhere.  Evidently, the red metallic beams I thought were reinforcing the structure (God forbid) where actually meant to support a jaunty, outdoor stairway.  Said one area resident, "I guess the architect is trying to make a statement."  "Yes," I replied.  "It's a cry for help ... someone get him into a '12-step' program before it's too late!"   


gazker said...

This house just gets more weird every photograph, ya just gotta get a look inside!
Gaz ;-)

bvaneps834 said...

is that really going to be a house to live in? what is that big hole on the top?am anxious to get back to CA this fall--hope we get to see this!