Monday, June 11, 2007



Shock waves rippled throughout Santa Monica this morning as the Dignified Walking Lady -- known for her cameo appearances at 7th and Montana and for wearing Klondike Couture in 80-degree heat -- broke her vow of silence in an effort to communicate with me.  "Good Morning," I said.  "Nice Summery weather, eh?"  "Yes," she agreed, and gestured wildly towards the beach.  Either she was trying to tell me that she lives somewhere near Goose Egg Park, or she was suggesting that I take a long, dignified walk of my own ... down a short pier!


bvaneps834 said...

guess all those duds keep the heat from your body!!

gazker said...

Marty, I was introduced to a young lady who gets her coffee in your starbucks, BELIEVE ME, HONEST.
She came in with a supplier to see me, who is her Aunt as she was on holiday at  hers. She is English and very beutiful, about 21? When I found out she lived in LA, I just said can you tell me where 7th and Montana is, and straight away she said Santa Monica, why? So I told her I read a guys blog in LA and she was like cool.............She buys coffee in YOUR Starbucks!
What a small work we live in!