Thursday, June 7, 2007


Hello, everyone.  It's time to play "Name that Neighbor," the stimulating online game designed to expose the Secret Double-Lives of our friends and neighbors.  Our subject today -- a regular at 7th and Montana -- is a real enigma.  While most people know her as an intelligent, down-to-earth former real estate agent, she's also a TV Game Show Junkie whose brush with stardom includes an appearance on "Wheel of Fortune!"  Her winnings over the years have ranged from $10,000 in cash ("back when that was a lot of money") to a One-Year-Supply of Rice-a-Roni (back when carbs were "in").  Who is it?  I'm not telling ... but the photographic evidence should speak for itself!

1 comment:

gazker said...

It aint that bird that walks the dog in a stroller is it?

Gaz ;-)