Friday, June 8, 2007



It was a "chase scene" worthy of Hollywood as our friendly neighborhood King of the Road -- known for leaving his Tioga Motor Home parked for days on end in front of other people's homes -- hit the road this morning with Parking Enforcement Officials in hot pursuit.  The fun began when the King -- no doubt trying to avoid another high-profile altercation -- moved his trailer from its long-term location beside Our Favorite Fixer Upper on Alta.  He maneuvered his way down Lincoln, across Montana and up 7th, leaving a befuddled parking official in his wake.  I followed along as he turned left on Palisades, passing Howard and Cathy's house before heading North on 4th to his ultimate destination, a new parking spot just West of Liz' house on Alta.  I spoke briefly with the King before he beat a hasty retreat and I must say he seemed friendly enough.  I guess his Park is Worse than his Bite ...

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gazker said...

Groans................. That's the WORST pun, I have ever heard!