Tuesday, June 5, 2007


An early morning meeting at Disney put the kibosh on my quality time at Starbucks today.  However, there are enough similarities between the studio lot and 7th and Montana to make me feel right at home.  For starters, Disney has its own Starbucks (complete with photos of Walt himself chug-a-lugging some coffee).  Then there's the cast of characters.  Instead of the crazy drivers crashing their way into Our Favorite Parking Lot, Disney has lunatic bike messengers zipping from building to building.  Instead of Our Favorite Fixer Upper, Disney displays relics from its past (including the original platform camera used in their first feature length animated film).  Instead of our friendly neighborhood Trailer King, Disney has rows of trailers for actors and production staff.  Last but not least, instead of a garish Monstrosity Under Construction, Disney has its headquarters building, a whimsical office structure supported by gargantuan dwarfs instead of pillars (let's hope it doesn't give the architect at 7th and San Vicente any ideas).  Still, all things considered, I'll take the Magic Kingdom at 7th and Montana any day!

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gazker said...

Those Starbucks, they get everywhere don't they?
Gaz ;-)