Monday, July 14, 2008



Research suggests that rising gas prices have taken their toll on the nation's economy.  Here's how some of the locals at 7th and Montana are coping:  Gary attached a small engine to his scooter and is zipping around town at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour;  Joyce has taken to riding the Big Blue Bus to Jury Duty;  and Arnold Schwarzenegger, not to be outdone, has had his Hummer modified to run exclusively on Vegetable Oil.  Speaking of Vegetables, a Dazed and Confused Woman arrived on the scene this morning astride her very own Dog Sled.  Her dog apparently pulled her to Starbucks on a skateboard.  Now that's what I call fuel efficiency ...!


gazker said...

I read the title before I opened this entry and thought, OMG, Marty's gonna talk about flatulance!
We have a new craze over here where people are converting cars to run on the used vegatable oil at fish and chip shops. The problem is they can smell your car coming before they here it.
Anyone for Cod and Chips?
Gaz ;-)

garnett109 said...

And my self I've jimmmy rigged a coal operated steam engine the size of a locomotive on the back of my pickup truck, hey any way to stop useing gas it only gets 1 mile per ton of coal but boy the kids love the whistle.

ab45yui said...

It takes time for us to catch up to the movies.  If you ever saw the latter "Back to the Future" movies with Michael J. Fox, there was on scene where he ran the machine on garbage.  Now that would be cool.  We have enough of it!

deshelestraci said...

Love the scooter!  Too bad I can't throw the girls on the back with me!

princesssaurora said...

Cool!  Love the pics!

be well,