Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Obama Fever was in the air this morning at 7th and Montana. Everyone, it seemed, was buzzing about last night's historic election results. Newspapers flew off the shelf without any help from the Notorious Newspaper Thief. Barista Keisha gave me the last, remaining copy of The Los Angeles Times (which she had squirreled away for safe keeping in the back room) and Veronica gave me a free cup of coffee. Why all the bonhomie? It's obvious that America is ready for a change. Obama symbolizes that change in so many ways: He's crossed racial boundaries, re-energized our youth and given hope to millions of people who struggle to make ends meet. For me, this election wasn't about black or white. It was about green. Over the last eight years, I've seen hundreds of friends lose their jobs, victims of "outsourcing" as their jobs moved overseas. Pensions have vanished, healthcare coverage has become a joke and the dollar just doesn't buy as much as it used to. It all happened so gradually that, until recently, I never realized that our own government's policies had a hand in it. Obama gave me a badly needed wake-up call and for that, I'm grateful. The free coffee this morning was nice, too ...!


Beth said...

Well said, Marty. I really hope that we will all work together to make things better for EVERYONE.

What an exciting evening, and one of the best things for me was seeing Indiana go blue this morning. It hasn't happened for 40 years, so it's a big deal for us here.

Whew. Now I guess we need to get down to business, eh?

Love, Beth

Lynne said...

I have to laugh Marty, when I first read you saw "green" I was thinking hug-a-tree green, not $$.

garnett109 said...

the new messiah?

ecccch said...

I held my breath last night until I turned "blue" to show everybody at the polling place who I'm voting for....lucky I didn't pass out until after I had cast my votes!

Robin said...

He's more "green" in the environmental version of green, too, from all I've heard and read of the two former candidates.

Ah, I'm very excited as well! If change means being nicer to others, also? Hey, we can live with that.

BTW, just happened on your blog today. I'll be back.

Saltydawg said...

This is'nt just change for America, it's change for the wrold too. I think he will bring a serenity to our planet.