Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It was Par for the Course at 7th and Montana this morning as Professional Golfer Amy Alcott -- a member of both the World Golf and LPGA Halls of Fame -- made the scene. "You have a nice smile," she said to me, as she walked by. "Why thanks," I replied, "Not to change the subject, but aren't you Amy Alcott?" I went on to explain that several years ago, a little "birdie" in the form of my father, a professional golf writer, told me he thought that Amy lived in my neighborhood. I've been expecting her to swing by Our Favorite Starbucks ever since. Amy keeps busy these days on the lecture circuit and her second book, The Leader Board: Conversations on Golf and Life, featuring "one-on-one intimate interviews" with luminaries ranging from Bill Clinton to Jack Nicholson, is due out next month. In other Sports News, Bowflex Owen, our Friendly Neighborhood Bowflex Spokesperson and Former Professional Volleyball Player, reports that he's recovering nicely from his recent knee surgery. I don't know how he injured himself, but something tells me his knees bowed when they should have flexed ...


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

OK, I expected negative golf allegories when I read the first sentence, but am pleased to be wrong (not another bad clown scene :o). So, in 2010 when we come out, can your connections get me a good golf gig??? LOL :o)

Beth said...

Wow, your Dad is a professional golf writer? I think Ken is your new BFF. :)

Very cool that Ms. Alcott is so engaged with lectures and writing books!


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Saltydawg said...

What's the store in the back ground with the red awnings? I digress, I yawn when I here about golf as my Father was captain for the Met for years in the UK....I was his caddy when I was a kid and it drove me to distraction.
Gaz ;-)

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