Saturday, August 13, 2011


We interrupt our regularly scheduled coverage to bring you this breaking news alert: A Local Loon -- quite possibly the oddest ball in the neighborhood -- was just seen peddling a 'hi-rise' bicycle at 7th and Montana. The bike was bright yellow with oversized tires and a 15-foot, double-decker frame. The rider, a Local Loon in his early thirties, was dressed in lederhosen and hiking boots. He had Antlers strapped to his head. I whipped out my Spycam and chased him halfway to the beach. "Hey, Mr. Elk," I screamed, panting, "Wait up ... I want to get a picture!" He peddled faster. The best I could do was get a grainy photo of him from a distance as he turned south on Ocean Avenue. I guess some people prefer to remain incognito ...!


Anonymous said...

I wonder how he gets on the bike to begin with. Maybe he has a hidden elevator .

Paula said...

Oh my gosh!

Anonymous said...

He's trying to fly. Must be a reindeer. -Cin