Monday, August 1, 2011


There must be something in the air. Days after an Anonymous Hothead raised a ruckus at Our Favorite Starbucks, a Skateboarder with An Attitude threw a temper tantrum near my office in Culver City. Actually, to say he threw a temper tantrum is an understatement. As I was walking by with a colleague, he threw his skateboard on the sidewalk with all his might and screamed “All you A---holes in Los Angeles can go F--- Yourselves. I’ve had it. DO YOU HEAR ME?? I’VE HAD IT!!!” He went on and on, yelling at the top of his lungs. “I RIDE SKATEBOARDS. THAT’S WHAT I DO. NO ONE IS GOING TO STOP ME FROM DOING THAT. EVER. DO YOU HEAR ME??? EVER!!!!!” And with that, he hopped on his skateboard and zipped up Higuera Street like a bat out of hell, leaving a trail of obscenities in his wake. “It looks like someone’s not having a good day,” said my colleague, dryly. I waited until the Skateboarder was a dot on the horizon before whipping out my Spycam. There’s a fine line between zany and psychotic … and far be it from me to distract anyone while they're crossing the border!


Paula said...

Plus he might hit you up side the head with the skateboard in a rant like that. Do you ever see a day without a loonY?

Anonymous said...

I thought your office was in Hollywood. Did you move?

Marty said...

Yup ... my company acquired another firm based in Culver City so I moved last week in order to consolidate.